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Dubbed "as one of the greatest women in photography" by many of the people who have had the honor of working with her, as well as proving to be not only a trendsetter and a rising star in the Washington, DC metropolitan area,  Robin Kenyetta has an uncanny propensity of connecting with her clients on a level that goes well beyond the surface, by capturing the very essence of their soul. When choosing Robin Kenyetta, clients choose not just an ordinary photo session but a true experience. Apart from  just showing up to every session with her camera in hand, she also brings with her the passion for people to see themselves in their truest selves and a heart to hear and visually narrate their stories in a way that defies space and time. 


As a lover of art in all mediums, Robin Kenyetta is an artist in her own right. With a creative and artistic eye, she offers a different outlook to photography. Even going back to her childhood, she has had an adoration for photography, which she attributes to her late father Robert "Pappa Smurf" Beckett; always the one wanting to take photographs and encouraging others to let their light shine through the camera. Moreover, if asked, she will humbly admit that photography allows her the opportunity to be present in the moment and grants her a freedom that can not be defined by words. 


Anyone who knows her would agree that she possess a remarkable spirit that has remained constant throughout the years. Robin Kenyetta makes it a point to strive everyday to live out her mantra to "Walk in Love" and without fail she does just that. Whether in her daily life, where she she can be found on the front line  addressing social issues or being a catalyst for change, or selflessly giving of herself to just about everyone she meets, not to mention in every session with her clients, Robin Kenyetta exudes love, compassion and authenticity and brings comfortability and joy to everything she does.


Now that you know a little about the woman behind the camera, if you're ready to experience your life's greatest moments in a way you've never imagined, schedule your next session with Robin Kenyetta and get ready for an experience of vision in suspension.

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